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Drug Treatment Court (DTC) & Adult Enhancement Services (AES)

Drug Treatment Court and Adult Enhancement Services are two different programs in New Hanover County, NC, that serve distinct purposes and populations.

Drug Treatment Court is a court-supervised program designed for individuals with substance abuse issues who have been charged with non-violent drug-related offenses. It provides a structured and intensive treatment program that includes drug testing, individual and group counseling, and regular court appearances. Participants are required to complete the program successfully as a condition of their sentence, and those who do may have their charges reduced or dismissed.

Adult Enhancement Services, on the other hand, is a program that provides services and resources to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program offers vocational training, educational opportunities, socialization, and recreational activities to help participants gain independence, improve their quality of life, and reach their full potential.

In summary, Drug Treatment Court is a legal program that addresses substance abuse issues and criminal charges, while Adult Enhancement Services is a social service program that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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